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Samsung and Philips are the leaders in the LED TV market and thankfully over the past year they've come down in price. But if you did want to search for different brands or for the cheapest prices you can use the search box at the top or the list of relevant categories to the right.

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... Of course you can go as large as you want, such as a 37 inch LCD TV, a 46 inch LCD TV, or a 50 inch TV. The larger TVs, like a 42 inch LED TV or 50 Inch Plasma 1080P, are good for people who watch a lot of films and ...

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... with bluray discs than with TV input. The model is also available in 46 and 55-inch LED TVs. Samsung also has two plasma TVs in the series, in 50- and 63-inch screens. Samsung LE46C750: This is the first attempt to make ...

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